Since 2005, the Anti-Crisis Group «Pilot» has been providing a full range of legal, consulting, and organizational services in the bankruptcy and crisis management.

The proof of our reputation as one of the industry leaders is represented by the long-term work in the interests of the largest state and private banks, other financial institutions, corporate and industrial groups, extractive, construction, investment holdings and other market participants, both with complex support of complex, often unique banknote projects, and in solving local problems requiring the participation of experts from various fields.

Our experts have extensive experience in providing legal assistance to debtors, creditors and trustees in bankruptcy, provide comprehensive support for bankruptcy proceedings, and implement measures to restore solvency as part of crisis management activities.

Recognizing the strong competence of the experts of the Anti-Crisis Group "Pilot", clients and partners attract us to participate in complex isolated disputes related to invalidating the debtor’s transactions, returning illegally withdrawn assets, bringing the persons controlling the debtor to subsidiary liability, including claims in the register of creditors' claims of the debtor.

In addition to lawyers and trustees in bankruptcy, our team includes experts in the field of analysis of financial and economic activities, including the identification of signs of premeditated bankruptcy and misconduct by the beneficiaries, specialists in business planning and asset sales, and appraisers.

Solving the problems of clients and partners, identifying all potential risks, proposing and implementing optimal options for achieving client goals, we always follow the principles of strict compliance of all recommendations and actions with the law, conscientious fulfillment of obligations to the client, preventing conflicts of interest, and ensuring the confidentiality of the received information.

The resources of the Anti-Crisis Group "Pilot" allow supporting bankruptcy proceedings of any scale and complexity at a high professional level throughout Russia.

Our strengths:

Specialization in one direction

Supporting bankruptcy procedures and disputes related to the settlement of bad debts has been a priority area of our business activity for many years.

Integrated solution to the problem

In addition to professional legal services, we provide organizational and advisory services in asset management, including the sale of property and financial analysis.

Professional team

More than 50 legal experts, trustees in bankruptcy, experts in financial analysis and valuation with unique experience in implementing bankruptcy projects.

Experience in implementing major projects

Over the 15 years of work, we have participated in more than 500 bankruptcy proceedings with a total amount of liabilities of more than 500 billion rubles.

Partnership with leading SROs of trustees in bankruptcy

Cooperation with leading SROs of trustees in bankruptcy allows implementing projects of any scale and complexity in all regions of the country.

Individual approach to client’s tasks

We develop an individual approach and provide the opportunity to monitor its implementation for each client and individual project.