Auctions Organization

Selling the property of a bankrupt debtor at auction without involving experts leads to a significant reduction in the coverage of potential buyers and, as a result, a decrease in the value of the property being sold. Violation of even the formal requirements of the law during the bidding process may become the basis for invalidating the result. The need to eliminate violations and conduct new auctions will delay the bankruptcy proceeding, increase costs and cause losses to creditors.

These risks can be avoided if a qualified bidder is involved, which will ensure:

  • sale of property for the maximum value;
  • exclusion of unfair influence on the bidding process by third parties, including trustees in bankruptcy.

When selling collateral, the choice of the auction organizer is the responsibility of the collateral creditor, who, by applying to the services of a qualified auction organizer, will ensure the sale of collateral at the maximum cost and will receive the fullest satisfaction of the claims to the debtor.

Finding and attracting potential buyers to participate in auctions is a separate activity that requires qualified employees, knowledge of the market and its development trends. The Anti-Crisis Group "Pilot" is accredited by the leading trustees in bankruptcy of self-regulated organizations as auction organizers. Long-term cooperation with appraisal companies, trustees in bankruptcy of self-regulated organizations, other auction organizers, expert organizations allows us to conduct auctions at the highest level.

Our experts have extensive experience in conducting auctions for the sale of the entire enterprise as a property complex, as well as the sale of the debtor's property in parts. We have experience in the sale of large real estate objects: shopping and business complexes, land plots, houses; movable property: vehicles, various equipment; as well as receivables, interests and shares in the authorized capital of various companies.

The experts of the Anti-Crisis Group "Pilot" for a long time participate in disputes on complaints about the actions (inaction) of the auction organizers, on the recognition of the auction as invalid, considered by the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service and courts. This experience enables us to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the law, as well as the requirements developed by judicial practice, in order to sell the property of a bankrupt debtor at the highest value in the shortest possible time.