The Anti-Crisis Group "Pilot" provides comprehensive support of bankruptcy proceedings and protection of interests of individual participants in bankruptcy cases: creditors, debtors, trustees in bankruptcy, persons controlling the debtor, etc. We offer effective solutions to the client’s individual tasks using a wide range of tools provided by law.

Services to creditors:

  • Preparation of creditors' applications for declaring the debtor bankrupt, selection and recommendation of candidates for trustees in bankruptcy, interaction with the self-regulating organizations of trustees in bankruptcy;
  • Preparation of objections to creditors' claims for inclusion in the register of creditors' claims of the debtor (including subordination of claims of persons affiliated with the debtor);
  • Interaction with the trustee in bankruptcy and control of his activities by resolving disputes, appealing against illegal actions (inaction), preparing and sending requests, etc.;
  • Challenging the debtor's transactions on the grounds established by the Federal Law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)", the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and other laws;
  • Search for the debtor's assets, including those located outside the Russian Federation;
  • Representation of client's interests at creditors' meetings, challenging decisions of creditors' meetings (creditors' committee);
  • Appeal against results of the analysis of the debtor's financial and economic activities;
  • Representation of clients' interests at the conclusion of a settlement agreement;
  • Monitoring compliance with legal requirements when conducting auctions for the sale of the debtor's property, disputing the results of auctions;
  • Organization of auctions for the sale of the debtor's assets, including the sale of the pledge subject;
  • Advising on the application of the Federal Law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)".

Services to debtors:

  • Preparation of the debtor's own bankruptcy application (consulting on the moment when the obligation to file such an application arises and on the negative consequences of failure to fulfill this obligation in each specific case);
  • Recovery of receivables, unjust enrichment, return of the debtor's property illegally held by third parties;
  • Support of rehabilitation procedures and implementation of measures to restore the debtor's solvency;
  • Advising on bringing to subsidiary liability, in particular, explaining the legal requirements for the activities of controlling debtors in the pre-bankruptcy period in order to avoid bringing to liability, as well as participating in relevant separate disputes on the side of controlling debtors;
  • Participation in negotiations with the debtor's creditors on debt restructuring, granting deferrals, etc.;
  • Development of a settlement agreement and participation in court sessions for its approval;
  • Advising individual debtors on the terms of debt relief after completing settlements with creditors;
  • Exclusion from the bankruptcy estate of the debtor - an individual of the only housing and other property necessary for the normal life of a citizen.

Services for trustees in bankruptcy:

  • All-in-one support for bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Representation of interests in consideration of complaints, recovery of losses from trustees in bankruptcy, imposition of administrative sanctions;
  • Organization and holding of creditors' meetings and meetings of the creditors' committee;
  • Collection of receivables;
  • Identification of transactions and actions of the debtor that fall under the signs of invalidity, preparation of applications for disputing transactions;
  • Recovery of losses and bringing to vicarious liability of persons controlling the debtor (including actual beneficiaries who do not have a formal legal relationship with the debtor company);
  • Organizing and conducting an inventory of the debtor's property;
  • Maintaining the register of creditors' claims of the debtor, accounting for creditors' claims on current payments;
  • Analysis of the debtor's financial and economic activities, preparation of a report on the results of the analysis, preparation of conclusions on the presence (absence) of signs of fictitious or deliberate bankruptcy, on the presence or absence of grounds for challenging the debtor's transactions.