Dispute Resolution

The experts of the Anti-Crisis Group "Pilot" have extensive experience in court proceedings. For a long time, we have represented the interests of companies of any size in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

Based on the analysis of the submitted documents and information, our experts will identify potential risks that may arise when resolving the client's case, as well as draw up an individual plan and strategy for solving the problem. In the process of resolving a specific case, we provide a client with the opportunity to monitor the implementation of the plan, as well as promptly make changes to its terms based on the changing interests of the client.

Legal proceedings are not an end in themselves for us, so we always discuss with the client the chances of obtaining an actual result, and not just a judgement that will not be executed.

Our experts will help to conduct pre-trial claim work, assess the need for interim measures (including preliminary ones), take part in negotiations with the counterparty and consider the possibility of resolving the dispute through conciliation procedures. If a compromise is reached with the opponent, we will help you draft the text of the settlement agreement and take part in the court session for its approval.

The experts of the Anti-Crisis Group "Pilot" have extensive experience in representing clients' interests in the courts of first instance, appeal and cassational instances. Our independent activity is the support of disputes in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, which requires special knowledge and skills.

Categories of disputes that our experts specialize in:

  • invalidation of transactions and decisions of meetings;
  • disputes related to non-performance or improper performance of contractual obligations;
  • recovery of losses and bringing to subsidiary liability of persons controlling the debtor;
  • contesting the auction results;
  • termination of agreements, recognition of agreements as not concluded;
  • disputes related to the protection of different kinds of proprietary rights;
  • challenging non-normative legal acts, decisions and actions (inaction) of state bodies, local self-government bodies, other bodies, organizations vested by Federal law with separate state or other public powers, officials.