Financial Analysis

The experts of the Anti-Crisis Group "Pilot" have extensive experience in analyzing the financial and economic activities of the largest construction, manufacturing, investment holdings, financial and industrial groups, as well as media sector companies. Our experts conduct financial analysis of both individual companies and large holdings with a complex internal structure.

Our employees do not limit themselves to formal legal requirements, but conduct a detailed and comprehensive financial analysis, identify the causes and time of the company's loss of solvency, illegal actions of persons controlling the debtor, etc.

Based on the coefficients obtained from the analysis of financial and economic activities, a report on the results of the analysis will be compiled, and opinions on availability (absence) will be developed in cooperation with the legal unit evidence of fictitious or intentional bankruptcy, or of the existence or otherwise of grounds to challenge the debtor’s transactions.

Conclusions obtained as a result of the analysis of the debtor's financial and economic activities can be used in disputes on bringing the debtor's controlling persons to subsidiary liability, on challenging transactions, and in bringing managers and business owners to administrative and criminal liability. Based on the financial analysis, a decision is made on the possibility and feasibility of introducing rehabilitation procedures, report on the results of the analysis of financial and economic activities can be used in the development of an external management plan.

A separate activity of our experts in the framework of financial analysis is to identify various types of abusive practice and fraud within the company (forensic). We will help to detect activities involving withdrawal of assets from the company, the use of corporate resources by employees for personal purposes, cases of internal corruption, violations of business ethics, as well as to take measures to eliminate the negative consequences of such actions.